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Message from C.E.O

Every moment with Zestco

We promise! We will inspire customers faith sincerely with mother’s heart.

We try! We will be always growing with new challenges.

We be the best! We will be a company that consumers feel safe with and trust in.

Zestco always support you!




  • 2021

    오레오 아이스크림 스틱&샌드 기획 출시

    Oreo Ice Cream Stick&Sand launched

  • 곰표 밀눈 아이스크림 콘 기획 출시

    Gompyo Wheat-Germ Ice Cream launched

  • 2020

    강릉초당순두부아이스크림 기획 출시

    Gangneung Chodang Soft Tofu Ice Cream launched

  • 2018

    프리젤 캔디 출시

    Freegells candy launched


  • 2017

    젤리벨리 편의점 납품

    Distributed Jelly Belly at CVS

  • 2015

    자몽 스파클링 / 청포도 톡톡 음료 출시

    Grapefruit Sparking / Green Grape Tok Tok drink launched


  • 2014

    허쉬 아이스크림 편의점 납품

    Distributed Hershey’s Ice Cream at CVS

  • 2012

    제스트코 설립

    Established Zestco Co.